Node.js Blueprint : A Gem for Web Developers.

Recently I got a copy of Krasimir Tsonev’s new Book Node.js Blueprints by PacketPub.  I started reading book 14 days ago. It was pleasure for me. It helped me in learning lots of things. Apart from Node.js I got glimpses of other JS frameworks Like AngularJS…


Adding AdMob Ads in Ionic App

  Using Ionic and Cordova for My Mobile App was great. But When I started, I feel so much difficulty as a newbie to display ads in my Mobile App (Check it on PlayStore : Ragakosh). I was using this plugin by floatinghotpot. But I was doing it…


Testing Web App on different devices.

  One of the most important user interface testing issue for web app developer is testing web app on different devices. It is very difficult for a developer to check their web apps on various devices. Because of large variety of android devices, it seems…

Ionic Snippets Plugin for Sublime Text

Ionic Snippets Plugin for Sublime Text No Doubt Ionic Framework is one of the best CSS framework out there to be used with Cordova for Hybrid Mobile Application. As a web developer I also started using Ionic with AngularJS and Cordova for creating Mobile Apps….