Ionic Framework Creator must form a group for Plugins Guidelines.

In this post I am going to discuss various aspects about plugin development and why Ionic Creators must form a group for Plugin Guidelines.

As a developer, one of the most important tool is your development environment which includes text editors, browsers, command line tools etc. Text Editors are valuable because they supports thing like code snippets, code corrections etc. Following are some points of serious discussions and Ionic Creators must have a look on them.

  • Confusion : Confusions which arrives due to multiple packages, like if multiple packages arrives which will leads to confusion for developers. Like My Ionic Plugin (already in Sublime Package Manager from 3 Months) and PixelDropINC Plugin. Because they have different syntax. I am not saying which is better. But it is issue and must be resolved.
  • Naming Conventions : Naming Convention is one of most important point that comes when creating code snippets.
    1. I chose ionic prefix for my ionic sublime plugin and ionic atom plugin snippets. Because they must not collide with ionic’s directives. I knew that they will still work if i chose ion prefix. But it will raise concerns later for sure.
    2. Having a Simple Trigger for most used snippets. Like the snippets with AngularJS Directive will be used most. So I chose ionic prefix for them and for snippets which uses ionic’ css only I chose ionic-css prefix.
    3. I used ionic-js prefix for all JS Snippets  but not in any of HTML or AngularJS Directive Snippets.
  • Snippets Structure : Snippets Structure also matters because it increase or decrease the productivity of developers. Like in : Popup snippet I not included Controller function. Instead Included a Comment on Top of Snippet to include Respective DI (Dependency Injection). Because Most of time developers have controller already they just need popup.
  • Scope of Snippet : Scope of Snippet must be according to it. Like JS Snippet must not be expandable in HTML or other files and vice-verse.

I hope Ionic Framework Creator will look into these matters soon and will form a group. Because it will be better of Large Ionic Community. I am not saying my plugin is better. It will or may have errors. But these things must have to solved first.

Feedback from other developer is appreciated.