TL;DR: In this quick guide, you will learn how to quickly update your Angular projects to Angular 6 and RxJS 6. Along with little issues associated with it.


Each time Angular rolls out newer version. It feels like a hassle to update to it. With the latest updates to Angular and Angular CLI, angular team introduced some neat ways to update projects to latest version. In this quick guide, you will learn how to update to latest version of Angular.

Update TypeScript

In order to work with latest @angular/cli (v6.0.7) package. We must have TypeScript version equals to or greater than 2.7.2 and less than or equal to 2.8.0. But the latest version of Typescript at the moment is 2.9.2. So make sure you have the right version of TypeScript. You can install it as follows:

npm install --save-dev typescript@2.7.2

Update Angular CLI

If you’re still using Angular CLI version 1.0.0-beta.28 or less, first you need to uninstall the current cli as shown below:

npm uninstall -g angular-cli
npm uninstall --save-dev angular-cli

And to update to the Latest CLI, run the following commands:

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli
npm cache verify
# if npm version is < 5 then use `npm cache clean`

# for global package run the following command
npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

# for local package run the following command instead
npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest

It will install the latest angular cli for your project.

Update Angular Configuration

With Angular 6, the team introduced various changes to configuration files. They also introduced ng update command to automatically update to latest versions.

To update the configuration of your angular project. Run the following command:

ng update @angular/cli

This command will do several things.

  • It will generate a new angular.json file for your project and will delete the old .angular-cli.json file.
  • It will update karma.conf.js
  • It will update tslint.json and tsconfig.json for your project.

Update Angular Packages

Now, we also want to update all the Angular Packages to 6.x.x Right?

The following command will do it for you.

ng update @angular/core

Along with Angular Packages like @angular/core and @angular/router and so on, it will also update rxjs to latest version.

If for some reason, this command is not working. You can use --force flag(not recommended though)

ng update @angular/core --force

Also, you can update all the packages in your app, to their latest version with --all flag, as shown below:

ng update --all

Update RxJS

RxJS team introduced several changes to RxJS starting with version 6. Let’s briefly check these out.

Better imports

With RxJS 6, you can import all the operators as follows:

import { pairwise, filter, map } from 'rxjs/operators';

Rest of imports like Observable, Observer, Subject and creation methods like of can be imported as follows:

import { Observable, Observer, Subject, of } from 'rxjs';

Lettable Operators

With RxJS 6, many operators are now lettable/pipeable. You can use them as follow:

import { of } from 'rxjs';
import { filter } from 'rxjs/operators';

const ofSubscription$ = of(1,2,3)
                    .pipe(filter(x => x === 1))
                    .subscribe(x => console.log(x));

Migrate Automagically to RxJS 6

RxJS team also introduced migration script to ease the process.

Run the following command to install the tool.

npm i -g rxjs-tslint

To use the tool, Run the following command:

rxjs-5-to-6-migrate -p [PATH_TO_TSCONFIG]

Replace [PATH_TO_TSCONFIG] with the path to tsconfig file of your project.

It will update the imports and some other stuff. Unfortunately, there are some things that you need to fix manually. So take a closer look at what code it generates.

Take a look at Github Page of this package for more information.

RxJS Compat

If for any reason, you have code written in RxJS previous to 6. You need to install rxjs-compat package to your application, to have a compatibility with RxJS 6. As shown below:

npm install --save rxjs-compat

For more information about RxJS migration, read this piece at LearnRxJS


In this quick guide, we explored things needed to be done in order to update to Angular 6 and RxJS. I hope it will help other developers.