Hi Folks, it is good to be back at writing this blog. I am so excited to tell you that my first book is published by Packt Publication named Ionic 2 Blueprints. As the name suggests, this book is about Ionic 2 and it will take you to the journey of creating 7 Mobile Apps using Ionic 2.


Here are  the details of these 7 apps.

Chapter 1, Chat App with Firebase, will show you to create a real-time chat application using Firebase. You will learn how to use tabs in Ionic 2, how to set up Firebase and how to use Firebase with AngularFire2 to create a chat application.

Chapter 2, E-Commerce App with Marketcloud, will introduce you to a fairly new BaaS platform for e-commerce, Marketcloud. You will create a complete e-commerce app using the Marketcloud SDK and dashboard, process payments using payment gateway integrations, use the Ionic 2 menu and navigation, learn how to use a loader using Ionic Loading.

Chapter 3, Conference App, will show you how to create a conference app. We will use Lanyrd’s compatible JSON data to build an offline conference app, which will leverage native device capabilities using Ionic native, Leverages LocalStorage, using both Ionic menu and tabs together. We will also use RxJS to build a search filter.

Chapter 4, StockMarket App, will show you how to create a stock market app, which shows information about the stock of your choice. You will create a reusable UI component using the Angular 2 component API, utilize RxJS to get stock data continuously from Yahoo API, create a custom Angular Pipe, and create responsive charts to display stock history.

Chapter 5, WordPress Client App, will show you how to create a mobile client for your WordPress blog or site. You will be introduced to the WordPress REST API, Ionic toast, infinite scrolling in Ionic 2, and push notification, with Ionic native, using Google Analytics. The end product will be a WordPress client with blog posts, comments, categories, and WordPress pages.

Chapter 6, Media Player App, will show you how to create a media player. It is one of the special apps in this book. You will create a complete player with a seek bar for changing the playing position, a play and pause button, and playlist options with a next and previous button. You will also create a file browser to get media from the device.

Chapter 7, Social App with Firebase, will show you how to create a social app using Firebase. You will use the Firebase database store information and Firebase storage store binary information such as images. Our social app will be like Twitter, in which users can follow other users and see their posts. The chapter will also deal with creating the database structure for our app.

I have tried to write all this application, where reader will require no or negligible knowledge of back-end. Most of stuff is to deal with Ionic/Front-end part. You can buy the book from Here and Download the source code of Each Chapter at Github

I hope this book will be helpful for all Ionic Folks. Thanks!